Be it, men or women, divorce is tough for both the people fighting it. But for the long history of patriarchal society, women in most regions of the world even after being independent and educated depend upon their husbands for support after marriage. This stereotypical system will take more time to heal. However, it is not untrue that women suffer more after a divorce than a man. A Divorce Lawyer in Ottawa has curated some suggestions that will help a woman deal with the situation during and after the divorce.

Save up for the divorce 

If you do not have your means of income, financing a divorce case might be difficult. Divorce cases might cost a fortune. So if you are planning to get a divorce, start saving up for the divorce. If you have no means of income, try to get a job. If the situation is not favorable for the job you need to find some other ways. If you have a joint account, try and make it separate by taking away your share. Or you can ask for help from your friends or family and pay them later.

Stay Organized 

You need to take control of yourself while you are fighting a divorce. If it is long that you were dependent on your husband you might find it to organize the paperwork that comes with a divorce procedure. Make a file for all the paperwork, if you are carrying out all the paperwork online then make a folder on your computer or mobile so that you do not lose anything.

Stay Away from Social Media

You might feel like what you are going through on social media. But it is suggested that you keep yourself away from social media. The lawyer of your husband may take information about you from social media and use it against you. Furthermore, you might be bombarded with unwanted advice and moral policing from people you don’t even know. It will affect your mental peace and well-being. 


Keep yourself strong while you are fighting a divorce case. Hire a lawyer who can fight on your behalf. A lawyer will not let you give up. They will help you with all the legalities of a divorce case. They will be your emotional guide throughout the proceedings. 

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