A confidentiality agreement or non disclosure or secrecy agreement could be a legal contract between two parties that outlines private material understanding or information which the parties have to share for a lot of purpose but have to restrict usage of or by 3rd party.

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The very best agreement between several parties that is frequently accustomed to point the connection exist relating to the parties.

South African contract law is important a modernized kind of the Roman-Nederlander law of contract .Within the largest definition, an agreement is unquestionably an agreement grew to become part of into by a few parties while using the serious reason for developing a legal obligation. Rules of contract underpins private enterprise in Nigeria and regulates it within the interest of fair dealings.

A legally binding private agreement must have following features.

Confidentiality provision must be defined:

While entering a confidentiality agreement between parties the old saying confidently must be defined. With regards to this agreement, “private data shall include information or material which has or might have commercial value or any other utility on the market by which Disclosing party is engaged. If Private Details have been in written form, the Disclosing party shall label or stamp materials while using the” Private” or some similar warning.

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Non Disclosure:

In which the receiving party uses private data for virtually any purpose .it shall take all necessary safeguards to ensure that such private data, particularly source code shouldn’t be disclosed unless of course obviously clearly written permission is acquired ahead of time.

Exception to non-public information

A legally binding private or non disclosure agreement has following exceptions.

Information which subsequently becomes freely supplied with no breach of receiving party

Whish are disclosed by receiving to fulfill court ruling.

Individually produced by receiving party

Mutually Agreed/Unilateral

An Individual agreement might be mutually agreed or it may be unilateral.

Unilateral confidentiality contracts happens when just one party closes private data to a new along with a confidentiality agreement where both sides disclose private data to one another known as mutual confidentiality agreement.

Governing law:

Every contract is controlled with the laws and regulations and rules and rules within the land.

Time period of timeOr effective date and time period of obligation

There needs to be a general period of anything. It has to see how extended the non disclosure provision within the agreement shall survive. Parties will release by using this provision after termination within the contract or before the private data ignore qualifies as being a trade secret.

Sensitive information during period of business

A legally binding confidentiality agreement protects sensitive information being disclosed with others. Numerous participants within the agreement promise to not disclose the data introduced on by another party


The right to file a lawsuit damages for breach of contract can be a contract enforceable.

Using confidentiality agreement prevents losing valuable patents legal legal legal rights. In situation your party bound underneath the confidentiality agreement disclosed to a different individual or company, the hurt party can claim damages.


Parties seeks exclusive jurisdiction of court of the united states.

Salient features


Governing Laws and regulations and rules and rules

Mutually Agreed


Non disclosure obligation

Allowed disclosure

Return of Success Information

Legal obligation to disclosure




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