When you’re looking for employment lawyers in Glasgow and surrounding areas of the UK, what motivates you?

Are you seeking hands-on advice and support in relation to employee issues and policies, or are you looking for ongoing support as you navigate the complex journey of a growing business?

Here at Just Employment Law, we offer a range of services which span long term advice and guidance, training, updates in line with legal legislation, and representation across various cases and settlements. Our team can also help you to negotiate with employees where necessary and can provide guidance when drawing up legal documents for onboarding, disciplinary action, and beyond.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at the services we offer and how they can help your business to thrive in the modern working landscape.

The services we offer

Aside from the annual retainer which spans all our services under one umbrella fee, the most common question we get asked is about exactly what we can do for businesses of all sizes. So, here is a list of the services and support we offer:

  • Settlement agreements, including helping with the creation of documents and correspondence, and support in negotiation
  • Employment tribunal representation, acting on behalf of your business to protect your interests and reputation in a formal setting
  • Managing employment contracts and projects, such as full company restructuring
  • Providing training and resources to team members to ensure that all teams within your business are acting and operating under full legislation
  • Support and proofreading all official business documents, from employment contracts to policies, letters, and more – ensuring that everything meets a high standard

Client feedback and why so many clients keep choosing to partner with us

We pride ourselves on offering this diverse range of services alongside a friendly demeanour, which makes us an extension of your team. Whether you use our services regularly or sporadically, the benefit of choosing the same legal team again and again is that we get to know your operational processes and team dynamics, and can represent you fairly, accurately, and with complete authenticity.

Existing clients have reported our services to be not just friendly and approachable but incredibly professional, spanning every area of employment law from the most complex touchpoints to the proofreading of documentation.

Is the annual retainer service good value for money?

Employment law is not an area of business management that we would recommend skimping on. Our annual retainer service marries our expertise and various services with your business for an entire year, granting you access to the team whenever you need them and no matter which service you require.

The fixed fee for this annual retainer service means that you don’t pay for our advice and support on a per-project basis, but rather find the cost of all services covered under that single annual fee. For those businesses who really maximise their access to our services, the value is incredibly good.

Find out more about this annual offer, and our individual services, by visiting our website.