Whether you wish to seek a fermented job or run a business in the future in America, you will need a green card to ensure you can live here for as long as you want. Not only does a green card give you the liberty to continue your exciting job, but it also opens several other opportunities for you to create your dream lifestyle in the US. Moreover, you can always stay close to your spouse a d children once you are a permanent resident of the country. While thousands of people apply for a green card yearly, only a few get approved by the US government. 

The difference between others and these few people is how they approach the application process for an employment-based green card. As an immigrant, you might not know about all the rules set by the federal government, so it is best to hire a  Queens, NY Immigration Lawyer or green card attorney el paso tx to ensure you do not leave any chance for rejection of your green card appeal.

Essential steps to apply for an employment-based green card 

  • Labor certification 

While there are exceptions, almost all the EB2 and  EB3 green card applicants must acquire a labor certificate from the American government, as it is the primary step in the application process. Moreover, a labor certificate is vital when applying for an employment-based green card because you seek a permanent residency that permits you to work anywhere and anytime in the country. 

Labor certification is the most tiring and time-consuming for all immigrants seeking an employment-based green card. The challenge for getting your labor certificate approved is you must prove that there are no other native US citizens who can fulfill your position for work and that you are the only eligible candidate at the moment. 

This has to be done before your labor certification application, where you must submit all the evidence and necessary document to the department of labor. So, talk to your employer and ask them for all the required papers you need to start your application process. 

  • Immigration petition 

Once you have your labor certificate with you, the process is made much easier by applying for an employment-based green card with the help of a green card lawyer el paso tx. If the department of labor approves your labor certification, you use it for an immigration petition under USICS. However, if you are an exception and do not require a labor certification, you can file the petition under I-140, which is the first step toward getting your green card for permanent residency in the US.