Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents have been major reasons behind people getting physically injured. When seeking financial compensation for your slip and fall case, it is crucial to have evidence against the at-fault party and your injuries. The evidence assists in proving that your injuries happened due to a slip and fall accident and that you got into an accident due to the property owner’s negligence. 

Various evidence is used to support your slip and fall accident claim to get the deserving compensation. A few common forms of evidence that your Hopkinsville personal injury attorney or slip and fall attorney the bronx ny will use for your claim include the following.

  • Pictures. 

Pictures of your injuries, where and how the accident occurred, and the factor that contributed to the slip and fall accident serve a vital role. Ensure to collect as many pictures as possible of the accident scene, any hazardous object you find around, your injury, and any other thing you think will help prove your case. When clicking pictures, make sure it has a date and time stamp, as they will also play a crucial role. 

  • Videos/surveillance footage. 

When you get into a slip-and-fall accident at a public property or a business, there is a high chance that it was captured under a CCTV camera. If you find any video footage of the accident, ensure to collect it. 

  • Witness testimonies. 

Often, slip and fall accidents that occur in public places have witnesses. For instance, if you fell in a store, other people may see the accident happening. These people can provide testimonies narrating when and where the accident happened, how it happened, and more. Witness testimonies weigh high to support your claim. 

  • Medical records. 

Your medical records are one of the major pieces of evidence used. These medical records will help prove how severe your injuries are, including the total expenses you incurred due to slip and fall accidents. Make sure to collect all the medical documents from the day of your accident until your final treatment. Every single document along the way will come in handy. 

  • Reports. 

If you get into a slip and fall accident at your workplace, you should notify the authorized person immediately. Ensure to collect a report from HR or the responsible authority and preserve these. You can use these reports to support your claim since they contain details of the exact date and time of the accident, how it happened, and the primary cause.