When couples go through a divorce, one issue that produces the most tension is alimony. The spouse who seeks alimony requires these payments because they do not earn enough or are unemployed and cannot continue the life they led during the marriage. In some cases, spouses may also ask for alimony as a form of justice. 

On the other hand, it can be difficult for the other spouse to make significant payments every month. Nobody wants to pay alimony as it is a big sum of money paid to your ex after a marriage that did not work out. If you are facing similar issues, a Salt Lake City divorce attorney can help you. 

Important facts about alimony

  • Alimony aims to make things equal. 

Alimony aims to make the lifestyle of you and your spouse equal after the divorce. Alimony is payments made to the lower-earning spouse or the spouse who made significant sacrifices during the marriage to take care of their family. It is done to make sure the spouse can enjoy the same standard of living as they did during the marriage. 

  • Both men and women can receive alimony. 

One of the very common misconceptions surrounding alimony is that the husband always pays the alimony to the wife. Another one is that alimony is only paid when there are children involved. Both of these are false.

Both men and women in Salt Lake City can receive alimony, and they can do so without the requirement of children in the marriage. The basic law is that the spouse who has made significant sacrifices and contributions should receive the payments. 

  • The length of your marriage matters. 

Before deciding the alimony payments, courts consider various factors so it is fair and just to both parties. One of the most important factors is the length of the marriage. As is obvious, the longer your marriage was, the more your alimony payments would be. The general rule is that alimony is to be paid for half the time of the marriage. For example, if your marriage lasted for ten years, you would receive alimony for five years. 

  • Not every divorce grants alimony. 

Most people assume that they automatically become eligible for alimony payments if they are getting a divorce. However, that is not so. When someone wishes to seek alimony, they must file a claim in court and prove that they are in need of financial assistance. They must prove that they are either unemployed or earn significantly less to support themselves.