Some injuries in accidents are quite serious and make permanent changes to the victim’s life. In the state of Massachusetts, those who sustain catastrophic injuries suffer from a partial or complete disability, which negatively affects all aspects of their lives including employment, income, marriage, freedom, and future plans. 

If you sustained a catastrophic injury in an accident caused by the negligent actions of another party, you should consult a personal injury attorney Boston to know your legal options and protect your rights. While the compensation you may get won’t undo the injury, it can help you obtain medical treatment, so you can live with freedom and dignity. 

When an Injury is Considered Catastrophic

Although coping with personal injuries is quite challenging, some of these injuries are serious enough to change your life forever. A catastrophic injury is one you cannot recover from. Catastrophic injuries may result from different conditions, which range from car accidents to product defects and workplace accidents.

A reliable injury attorney will fight for your right to financial recovery, ensuring you get compensated for all the damages you face. They will consult with medical experts to determine your injury’s full extent and seek damages according to the assessed value. Some of the common injuries your attorney will help you get compensated for include burns, brain injuries eye vision loss, spinal cord injuries, hearing loss, paralysis, birth injuries, and others. 

Serious Kinds of Catastrophic Injuries

Spinal cord and neck injuries are the most serious kinds of catastrophic injuries because they can result in paralysis. Paralysis requires long-term treatment and physical therapy. Also, traumatic brain injuries may leave you facing emotional and cognitive difficulties or crippling life-long impacts on your daily life. You will have to relearn how to perform even simple activities like feeding yourself and motor functions like speaking and walking. In addition, you may suffer from memory loss and severe emotional difficulties if you have a TBI, making it tough for your loved ones to manage. 

No matter the kind of catastrophic injury are you suffering from, not being able to function leaves you with permanent consequences. Plus, you will need continuing medical treatment or rehab and lost income. Because of this, you need to be compensated for all of your losses that resulted from your catastrophic injury. A skilled injury attorney will ensure you recover maximum damages from all the parties responsible for your accident.