There are many ways a person under the influence of alcohol can get distracted while driving. Not only is it unsafe for you, but it also puts the other drivers around you in danger. 

Alcohol can impair your driving senses, causing a lack of attention, disturbance, or unclear vision. These can be highly dangerous and even cost you your life. Other than that, driving under the influence is a severe offense, and if an accident happens while you are intoxicated, you might even have to spend time in jail for months. 

If you are ever involved in a drunk driving car accident, get in touch with an auto accident lawyer in Wytheville to seek help and protect your rights as a citizen. Only an experienced auto accident attorney can help you in a drunk driving case. 

Nevertheless, some common symptoms drivers experience while driving under the influence. 

Types of symptoms experienced by drivers when driving under the influence of alcohol 

  • Unclear or delayed judgment

Alcohol decreases the ability to think and act clearly, which means a driver cannot judge the distance the other drivers are driving around their car. This can lead to a sudden or delayed break or acceleration, resulting in an accident. 

It also slows down the decision-making power of a persona, and the person has difficulty focusing on the in-hand task. The lack of attention on the road can have adverse impacts on the driver as well as others present on the road. 

  • Lack of concentration

A drunk person faces difficulty multitasking and focusing on several things simultaneously. However, while driving, a person has to focus on so many things at once like, traffic signals, surrounding vehicles, road signs, regulating speed according to the speed limit, giving a proper indication on turns, etc. 

  • Understanding 

Alcohol influence reduces a person’s ability to understand or comprehend things well. For example, the person will have difficulty understanding traffic lights and signals, other road signs, or a potential driving mishap. 

The delayed perception can increase the risk of accidents, breaking suddenly, or accelerating too quickly, resulting in a life-threatening situation. 

  • Coordination

Another common symptom of consuming alcohol is a lack of coordination. Well-functioning coordination is vital for driving as you need your hand and legs to blend well according to the situation. 

However, alcohol consumption slows a person’s system, which restricts them from coordinating well or efficiently.