As a pedestrian on the roads of Atlanta, you are more at risk of suffering serious injuries in a traffic accident than someone in a car. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are quite common in Georgia, and a considerable number of these mishaps are related to the driver’s fault. From failing to yield and distracted driving to speeding, there are several causes. Following such an accident, you are probably in two minds about asking for legal advice. Here are some aspects of hiring a pedestrian accident attorney Atlanta.

Determining fault

Investigating a pedestrian accident is often the most challenging task. Just because you are the one injured, it doesn’t mean the blame is on the vehicle driver. In some cases, third parties could also be liable. Insurance companies will do their share of work to find out more about the incident, but you need an attorney who can work for you and gather information so that you can file a pedestrian accident claim.

Determining the worth of your claim

What is your claim worth? That’s one of the basic questions that people have on their minds when it comes to filing a case. Your injuries, share in the blame, and other factors may have a massive impact on the final settlement. You need a pedestrian accident lawyer just to evaluate what the case is all about. No lawyer can ever guarantee a specific amount in compensation, but they can be realistic and transparent about what to expect from the proceedings.

Negotiating the settlement

Among the other critical reasons to engage an attorney is to negotiate the settlement with the insurance company. The claims adjuster expects you to know nothing and accept whatever is being offered, but the moment you say that your attorney will negotiate for you, they are unlikely to use as many tactics. You will also not feel the pressure to give a statement or sign a release.

Filing a lawsuit

Litigation is something you would want to avoid in the first place. A trial is not only expensive, but it can also take considerably longer to get a verdict. However, pedestrian accident lawsuits often end up in court, and in such cases, you will need an attorney who can represent you. Lawyers know what it takes to handle legal matters and paperwork, ensuring that you don’t make common mistakes.

Call a lawyer soon after the pedestrian accident to get the best possible assistance for your claim.