Car and truck accidents can have severe and life-altering consequences for those involved, and the legal process for pursuing compensation or settlement for injuries or losses can be complex. One crucial decision that accident victims or their families may need is whether to hire a car accident lawyer or a truck accident lawyer.

While both types of lawyers handle cases related to motor vehicle accidents, there are some critical differences, like the cases they handle and the skills they bring to the table. As a result, it will be helpful for you to know the differences between car and truck accident lawyers, as it can help you gather medical help accordingly. 

Key differences between a car and truck accident lawyer: 

  • Complexity 

r accident cases are generally less complex than truck accident cases. Cars are smaller and less potent than trucks, and the accidents they are involved in result in less severe injuries and damage. Car accident cases typically involve fewer parties, such as the driver, passengers in the car, and the other vehicle’s driver. As a result, car accident cases are usually less expensive and time-consuming to litigate than truck accident cases.

On the other hand, truck accident cases are often much more complex than car accident cases. Trucks are much larger and heavier than cars and can cause more damage and injuries in an accident. Truck accidents also frequently involve multiple parties, including the truck driver, the trucking company, and the manufacturers of the truck and its parts. Because of the added complexity, truck accident cases can be more expensive and time-consuming to litigate than car accident cases.

  • Evidence 

Another critical difference between car accident and truck accident cases is the evidence needed to prove liability. In a car accident case, evidence may include police reports, eyewitness testimony, and the testimony of accident reconstruction experts. However, additional evidence may be needed in a truck accident case, such as the driver’s logbook, the truck’s black box, and maintenance records. A truck accident lawyer will be well-versed in obtaining and using this type of evidence to build a strong case.

Truck accident lawyers often have very specialized skill sets to handle truck accident cases’ unique complexities. For example, they may have more experience dealing with federal regulations that govern trucking companies, such as hours-of-service regulations and weigh station requirements. They may also be familiar with the types of damages common in truck accident cases, such as lost income, loss of earning capacity, and increased medical expenses.