Michigan criminal sexual conduct is known as CSC. Under the Michigan criminal sexual conduct, one is touched or penetrated unlawfully. Therefore, it is an unlawful assault. There are mainly four distinct offenses here which are defined as the behavior of alleging each other. Each offense level is known as the degree. There are multiple variables in each level of degrees or legal theories that might support the type of allegation. The variables mainly include the victim’s age, the perpetrator’s relationship to the victim. Some variables also tend to have if force was applicable in the alleged crime. 

Punishment Under Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct

There are various levels of criminal sexual conduct, and some are thought to be severe others are not that serious. But these conducts mainly include different penalities. Ideally, the 1st-degree offense is quite potent as the penalty might consist of a maximum life sentence of around 25 years in prison. It might also include lifetime electronics that are likely to be worn.

Furthermore, the second degree is all about unlawful sexual touching. Under this offense, you need to go through maximum imprisonment of around 15 years, and you might be required to be registered under the sex offender registry. 

Under the 3rd degree, you might have maximum imprisonment of 15 years, and the offender needs to be registered under the sex offender registry. The 3rd degree is more severe than the third degree as it is all about penetration instead of sexual touching. 

Lastly, there is a 4th degree of sexual conduct, known as a high court misdemeanor. Under this, the offender needs to go for two years in prison besides being labeled as a high court misdemeanor. The offense is likely to carry more than one year of jail or imprisonment, known as a felony.  

A statutory structure is mainly used by judges, prosecutors, probation officers, and defense attorneys to understand the range in which sentence falls. The sentencing guidelines are modeled, especially after considering the federal guidelines. For instance, when a judge says the penalty is for 18 months to five years, then 18 months will be from policies while five years is a criminal stature. The sentencing guidelines are mainly calculated based on one’s criminal history. It is known as prior record variables. Hence it is vital to hire attorneys.