In this article, we will discuss the difference between an annulment of marriage and dissolution or divorce. Also, we will discuss it is necessary to pay alimony and child support. Also, what is an uncontested divorce?

What is the difference between annulment and divorce?

Annulment is the legal decree in which the marriage is considered null and void. Annulment is a thing that happens when a court or the judge thinks that the marriage is invalid. Divorce is different from an annulment because here, the spouses take a common decision. This means that if the marriage is not working out for them, they seem to end it by taking a divorce.

After taking a divorce, if either of them wants to marry someone else, it is their legal right to do so. If the spouses have children, then in annulment or divorce, the judge will create child custody and child support. This will only happen if the couple has a small child, then the judge will think about what’s best for the child.

If you are still in confusion, then you can hire a divorce lawyer because they can work for both cases. They can conduct a divorce of the spouses and also can help them to do annulment of their marriage as well.

What is an uncontested divorce?

It is a well-known fact that going to court is a very big hassle because you will have to visit the court daily. This means that until the judge takes a final decision on the matter, he or she will keep on giving dates. Both the parties will need to present on these dates to hear the proceeding of their case.

In the uncontested divorce, both the spouses will settle up their differences and decide on what to do. They will settle everything properly. This means that they will decide who will take the custody of the child and also property. This means that they will make a common decision among themselves on how they want to distribute everything.

According to that, they will appoint the lawyers who will then create the case with the following specifications. Then they will submit it in the court for the hearing to proceed in front of the judge and a decision to be taken. However, the judge will then ask some questions to both of the spouses and ask their final decision on whether to split or not.

Is it necessary to pay alimony and child support?

Alimony is also called spousal support or maintenance support in different regions. Alimony is given by one earning spouse to the other non-earning spouse after their divorce. Child support is to be paid by the noncustodial parent to the other parent so that they can meet the monthly expense.

It is necessary to pay these things to the other partner because it has been told by the court of law. If any of the spouses fail to do so, then there will be consequences like a fine or even jail to that person.