Controversial and Complicated Nan Whistleblower Lawsuit 

Nan Inc is a general construction company in Honolulu. This is a premium builder to build up, and renovate bridges/airports, etc. Patrick Shin is the pioneer of Nan Inc Construction Company in Hawaii. A complicated and controversial legal case was registered by one of his former in-house counsels named Bosko Petricevic. During his regime as the CEO of this top premium construction company, Patrick faced such a traumatic situation. He proceeded to take the action against Bosko for conspiracy. This founder of Nan-Inc Prevails Lawsuit has accepted the challenge to prove his authenticity at the court. 

What Is Business Run by Nan Inc?

Nan Inc is a construction company in Honolulu. Patrick is the founder of Nan Inc and he takes the various projects to renovate bridges. His company also replaces parking lot, upgrades airport and beautifies the city. The presence of this organization in the main three domains (preconstruction, general construction, and décor) is always glittering. 

A Glance at Annual Net Revenue 

  • Quarterly Nan Inc gets $137 million and annual revenue is $548 million 
  • Minimum individual revenue estimated per annum is max 50 million dollars 

Background behind Prosecution at the Court 

Bosko, ex-counsel (in-house) of Nan Inc filed at the local court alleging that the current CEO of Nan Inc took the bribe and he influenced top brass of Government agencies to have the favors. Bosko is a whistleblower who has gathered evidence to prosecute Patrick. In return, Patrick went to court and registered a lawsuit for justice. After the complicated proceedings and cross-verification, the honorable judge announced the verdict rail-related whistleblower lawyer Redding, CA case.

What Is the Verdict Declared by the Judge ?

The verdict went in favor of Nan Inc supporting its CEO and founder. No proof can hold him as a person involved in the illegal billion-dollar worth transaction in Hawaii. Bosko was not fired only for his whistleblowing. Nor is there any strong evidence against the founder of Nan Inc establishing the claim of Bosko related to the involvement of this company in illegitimate deals. 

Patricevic did not get any opportunity to damage the business of Patrick Shi, the CEO of Nan Inc. The court is clear while declaring the last verdict ending the tussle. Nan Inc is a dependable and reputed Hawaiian construction company that has not boosted up illegitimate business deals. Patrick won in this whistleblowing lawsuit. Nan Inc runs smoothly with a lot of futuristic construction projects to finish by 2023.