A career in the field of law has always been highly sought after and respected. However, the idea that many people have is that a lawyer is a person who works exhaustively in offices without much freedom of action, but this is not true. So, check out the 6 main advantages of being a lawyer below! Good reading or you can visit website to learn more.

1. Freedom Of Choice

The lawyer is what we call a liberal professional, that is, one who has complete freedom to exercise his profession, whether with an employment relationship or as a self-employed person. In addition, the lawyer has a wide range of options, such as being a professor and researcher at universities, providing consultancy and legal advice to companies, such as the activity of compliance officer, and even being a diplomat.

2. Financial Independence

Like other liberal professionals, the lawyer receives through fees. Prices vary according to the case’s complexity, which can generate huge gains in one go. Contractual fees are those agreed upon during the contract signing and must be paid, regardless of whether the case is won. There are also bankruptcy fees, which are paid when the losing party must pay a sum to the winning party’s attorney.

In addition, in your spare time, you can still provide activities such as consulting such as knowing (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy) hie lawyer for example, which generate extra income. Working in an office also means a considerable variation in salary. Usually, at the beginning of a career, it will be lower than the public contest, but there is no ceiling as in the civil service.

3. Time Flexibility

As it is possible to work autonomously, you can freely create your work routine, choosing whether you want to work in an office or a home office. This allows you to manage your time and do other activities, such as studying for public contests. The flexibility of working hours for self-employed professionals is a great advantage for everyone, and it is clear that, in general, women value this characteristic more.

4. Contests for various careers

Contests are always highly sought after by law practitioners. In addition to the great salary, they guarantee the stability of a public position. See the most sought-after jobs:

  • Union lawyer
  • Delegate of the Civil Police or the Federal Police
  • State or federal public defender
  • Prosecutor of the Municipality, State or National Treasury
  • Attorney of the Republic (Federal Public Prosecutor)
  • Prosecutor (Public Prosecutor)
  • State or federal judge

In addition, there are still several opportunities in Regional Labor Courts and as a notary of notes in notaries. If that’s your desire, check out tips to do well in contests and prepare for exams, such as books and movies you can watch.